Guardiennage :: Security Pack

The guardiennage Security Pack includes:

  • Check of mooring lines (weekly) => looking out for high/low level of water according to tide
  • Check of shore power connection (weekly) => plugging if necessary following the credit note
  • Start engine (bi-monthly) => keeping it running for 45 min to 1 hour
  • Check pre/during/post storm (following weather forecast) => checking mooring lines of your yacht + neighbours position
  • Ventilation of the yacht (as often as possible, acc. to weather) => opening all windows
  • Check of bilges (weekly) => cleaning, drying, immediate small fixing if necessary
  • Check of sails / bimini / all protection covers (weekly) => drying if necessary, immediate report if major damage
  • Airing cushions and mattresses (as often as possible, acc. to weather) => putting cushions outside, lifting up all mattresses in cabins

For which type of yachts is this pack adapted?

- Vessels whose owners are living near by and coming regularly on their boats
- Small motor or sail boats
- Crewed yachts in (short) absence of the permanent skipper/hostess/crew

Price (excl. VAT)


Payment conditions:

50% upon reservation
50% upon completion

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