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Innovative and reliable

The Dessalator machines, of innovative design and with conservative ratings, are designed to supply fresh water on board on a 24 hour basis. Their working principle is that water is forced by high pressure through membranes, which are molecular filters. They allow only pure water to pass, and the salty elements are returned to the sea. We use high-pressure pumps with ceramic piston. An accumulator stores energy peaks and assures a smooth and stable working pressure. This provides long life for the membranes, as they are sensitive to pressure changes.

High technical quality

Some models, our DUOS®, can operate either on direct current (batteries, charger) or alternating current (local generator or port supply). Our machines consume less than 7 Watt-hours to produce one litre of water. (This is comparable to that of certain machines styled “energy recover y” but those machines produce a pulsed working pressure which is hard on the membranes and other parts.) At the end of a period of water production the membranes in our machines are automatically rinsed and the filters cleaned.


We have developed a specific controller which checks the quality of the output water and also protects the machine against various risks such as lack of water or excessive pressure. This system also functions in a fail-safe mode in the event of sensors failing. It can be connected via a serial link to a Centralised Management System for continuous super vision. The local control panel has three status lamps, pressure gauges and a flow indicator, so that the operator can see the status of the machine, its working pressure and the rate of water production at a glance.


We produce a wide range of products with output capacities from 30 l/h to 2.000 l/h. An extensive choice of models and a modular structure assures optimal adaptation to all types of boat. Some models provide a choice of vertical (narrow) or horizontal (wide) control panels, and some are available in two versions: “ remote control ” or “compact ”. Our machines are available as standard fittings from the majority of French boat builders and also in boats from some suppliers in some other countries.

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