Hull cleaning & repair

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Bottom cleaning and diving

Looking after your boat also means to make sure the hull is cleaned regularly. This is to remove marine growths from the bottom of the boat, to ensure that the hull slips easily through the water and to prevent possible problems from infestations on the boat’s equipment. A dirty hull not only reduces acceleration, it makes for extra fuel costs. Barnacles formed on a boat’s hull create drag in the water, and they may even cause certain parts of the boat to stop working.

Even knowing the benefits of hull cleaning, many boat owners don’t do it as often as recommended. There are two ways of cleaning your boat's hull:

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- Boats can be dry-docked and then cleaned. Scrubbing or blasting the boat’s hull out of water has to be done at least once a year.

- For more regular care, underwater hull cleaning is probably the best way to maintain a smooth hull. Divers are able to remove debris from the boat’s underside while performing inspections and replacing damaged equipment. All the boat’s underwater fittings and parts are cleaned of barnacles, giving boat owners peace of mind for a lower price tag.

Scrubbing a boat down is not a job for just any divers. Hull cleaners should tailor the brushes so as not to damage the finish of your boat. In bad cases, a poor cleaning job can do more damage than good by removing paint and exposing the boat’s coating. If you’re having your boat’s underside inspected you’ll want professionals who are able to pinpoint areas that need attention and help with any necessary repairs.

Avel Yachting hull cleaning 3Having a clean hull not only contributes to the pleasure of boating, but it gives the assurance that the boat’s equipment is safe from infestation problems. A clean propeller and hull are said to give up to 20 percent more fuel efficiency, which can make a big difference.

Our professional diver teams are available for any underwater boat maintenance, whether you need barnacle removal, zinc replacement, propeller repair or any other submerged maintenance to your yacht or dock, one call is all that is necessary.

Wet sanding

Often a gel coat surface can be brought back to life by wet sanding. This procedure will remove the damaged layers leaving a fresh, glistening surface preventing the need for costly re-spray or painting services. In some cases spot gel coat repairs can be combined with this service to maximize results.

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